Kendall by the buses last night
  • Kendall: I don't have abs yet. I have one ab. *pulls up shirt* right here. It's the v-line ab.
ohheyitsshannon1 asked: "Hey! I saw that you were at the Heffron Drive Chicago show! How can we check our meet and greet pictures? Thanks!"

My meet and greet with Heffron Drive :)

My meet and greet with Heffron Drive :)

Do you ever tell people that the song you’ve written is about them?

Demi Lovato discography + tracklistings; {insp.}


September 14th - Heffron Drive at Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago [more]x

Lol my pictures 😂😂😂

faggotsunderthecorktree asked: "Omg you must have a great phone/camera! Your pictures are better than mine! :)"

Awe yeah I have a DSLR camera :D

faggotsunderthecorktree asked: "Based on the angles of your HD pictures, I'm pretty sure we were close to each other at the concert! I was standing second row, right to the left of Kendall's microphone! :)"

No I was in the back :)