Anonymous asked: "I completely agree. It's been almost a year since the band went their separate ways. Why are fans so pissed that they wanted some time to do their own thing? We all knew each guy had his own dreams to fulfill. Bands take breaks. They do it all the time. It makes perfect sense to me when Kendall says the band isn't over because they may very well do another tour. None of the guys lied to us. "It ain't over" doesn't mean BTR gets back together tomorrow it means eventually."


Pissed off…

I really don’t get why people are saying BTR is over…NOWHERE in that articale does it say they are over. People are twisting Kendall’s words about Columbia and Nick to make it seem like they killed the band and thats not what happened. That article was well written and it said everything that Kendall has been saying this whole time. I don’t get why everyone is freaking out.

favorite big time rush outfits

James in Big Time Decision (3x07)

Logan Henderson & James Maslow PoleDancing during ‘If I ruled the world’

"Describe your lovatics in 3 words"


Demi on how she injured her wrist (x)

sheilar5 asked: "Is from Big Time Scandal season 4"

No like where is the video haha


Actual scene vs blooper:

Big Time Move